Friday, October 4, 2013

Grey Hairs Looking For Color


What a awsome vacation we having, we all met at our planned places. We spent three nights in Detroit and Gayle and Dave picked us up, we all drove to Niagra Falls and hooked up with Vick and Wayne. Now we are in Vermont were we met John and Carol.  We have spent three nights here in this beautiful state.  Like our niece would say when something is over the top good "it is the titts". Well, Vermont in October is the Titts.
I can not believe how beautiful the colors are and the towns are so charming. It is postcard perfect.
This morning we say good by to John and Carol and the rest of us go onto Maine and we are planning on having Lobster for dinner tonight.

Herm and Wayne

We all loved being ice-cream testers.

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Morning Growler said...

Gorgeous pictures. America is particularly beautiful in Autumn