Friday, October 4, 2013

Grey Hairs Looking For Color


What a awsome vacation we having, we all met at our planned places. We spent three nights in Detroit and Gayle and Dave picked us up, we all drove to Niagra Falls and hooked up with Vick and Wayne. Now we are in Vermont were we met John and Carol.  We have spent three nights here in this beautiful state.  Like our niece would say when something is over the top good "it is the titts". Well, Vermont in October is the Titts.
I can not believe how beautiful the colors are and the towns are so charming. It is postcard perfect.
This morning we say good by to John and Carol and the rest of us go onto Maine and we are planning on having Lobster for dinner tonight.

Herm and Wayne

We all loved being ice-cream testers.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Summer 2013

Can't believe that it has been a year since my last blog.  That does not mean that we have been sitting in our rocking chairs, but since we are not traveling and have sold our motorhome I do not have that much to write about.
We had a fabulous summer, no motorhome but we found really comfortable beds at our relatives.  It is nice that Herm has all those brothers and sisters. We have a great family and thanks for giving us a place to stay.  We tried not to over stay and limit our visit to just 2-3 nights at each place.
Mom was great, she turned the kitchen over to us and Herm and her did the gardening.  It was great seeing everyone and now that we are back home you are all invited to our place.
The highlight of the summer was our Anniversary Cruise to Alaska, we were fortunate to have all of our family with us. It was a true Anniversary Cruise, Mark and Charmea's Anniversary was July 24th celebrating 20 years ours was July 27th and 50 years and Doug and; Vicki's was July 28th  it was their 23rd year.
Gayle and Dave also celebrated our Anniversary's with us.
The pictures with all of our smiling faces describes our trip.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Life Time of Soap

We are clean and smelling good, I have been making soap and lots of it.  I first fell in love with homemade soap when one of our employees was selling it.  I loved the lather, smell and it always made my skin feel wonderful.  John has since moved to England and I have never been able to replace his soap.  I emailed him and he sent me a list of his basic ingredients.  I have done tons of reading about making soap and how dangerous lye is. After all the research I decided to give it a try and it worked. I ordered coco butter, bees wax and various oils,digital scales and soap molds and a cutter. I have now made four batches of soap, each batch being a different fragrance. The lye has been no problem, I do wear gloves but no explosions yet.
Already I have made us a lifetime supply of soap, but I just can't stop.  I keep thinking of different oils and fragrances to use.  I have just ordered another 20# of coconut oil, I can't imagine how much that will make.  Every drawer or cupboard you open in the motorhome you will find soap.  I have ran out of space to store it
I will be passing out soap the way some people pass out business cards.  So family and friends no need to buy soap I will keep you supplied. Kids guess what you will be getting for Christmas?
  Now  I can just come up with a few good reasons why bar soap is better than the pump soap.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Traveling In The Slow Lane

We are parked at Rolling Hills Casino in Corning Ca, today we traveled for 4 1/2 hours.  I love going for just a few hours each day to our next destination.  Gives us time to explore and relax, it seems like we spend a lot of time relaxing.
 We are on our way to the Sacramento River Delta, We will park there for the month of Sept. at a RV Park that is about 15 minutes from Mark's .
We started our 700 mile trip on Monday, first day we drove about 5 hours to 7 Feather's Casino  and on Tuesday we drove about 70 miles to Medford and spent two nights there.
We have never spent any time in Medford so we had plenty of time to explore. For years I have wanted to visit Jacksonville, it is about 15 minutes from Medford.  Most of the town was built in the 1850's and it has been restored and  is on the historical register and was worthwhile visiting.  Probably spending a weekend there would be to long but a afternoon walking around and taking the trolly ride was perfect.
We are enjoying our trip so much that I have changed my mind about selling our motorhome.  I really love it when we are on the road.  This sure makes Herm happy because he is not ready to give it up yet.


This house was built 7 years ago, it is in a new subdivision, all the houses look like they were build in the mid 1800's.

I just hope that tomorrow will be enjoyable, the RV park is in a area that we are not familiar with.  With age we do not enjoy traffic especially in the RV.  Tomorrows route sounds a bit tricky, Mark printed it out for us.  It reads: you take the I-5 to the 505 to the 80 to the 640 and on and on from there.  I am the navigator and I sometimes get my right and left mixed up so we have some issues.  I promised Herm that tomorrow we will have no problems, and not to worry.  I will get us there,  My famous words " it will be just fine". I just hope that when we get parked Herm is smiling.

There are forest fires in Northern California, our entire ride today was smokey.  This is the first time driving through the Mt. Shasta area that we were not able to see the mountain or any blue sky.