Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Summer 2013

Can't believe that it has been a year since my last blog.  That does not mean that we have been sitting in our rocking chairs, but since we are not traveling and have sold our motorhome I do not have that much to write about.
We had a fabulous summer, no motorhome but we found really comfortable beds at our relatives.  It is nice that Herm has all those brothers and sisters. We have a great family and thanks for giving us a place to stay.  We tried not to over stay and limit our visit to just 2-3 nights at each place.
Mom was great, she turned the kitchen over to us and Herm and her did the gardening.  It was great seeing everyone and now that we are back home you are all invited to our place.
The highlight of the summer was our Anniversary Cruise to Alaska, we were fortunate to have all of our family with us. It was a true Anniversary Cruise, Mark and Charmea's Anniversary was July 24th celebrating 20 years ours was July 27th and 50 years and Doug and; Vicki's was July 28th  it was their 23rd year.
Gayle and Dave also celebrated our Anniversary's with us.
The pictures with all of our smiling faces describes our trip.

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